What is Cloud?

Businesses can get confused by the term cloud and do not understand what it is. To put things simply, systems are normally on premise, which is located in the business office, or they can be in the cloud where they are off-premise. An example of this is Google mail being off premise cloud based.
The advantage of having systems off premise is that business do not have to buy the hardware, maintain it while it is there, pay for power, antivirus software and replacement desktop software like Microsoft Office etc.
As your business grows or shrinks the business can adjust the IT requirements as you only pay for what you use on a monthly subscription with a cloud subscription.
Most cloud service providers meet strict security requirements when it comes to the storage of data. The monthly subscription cost will be dependent of the level of security that the business requires.
Symmetry-IT can provide a full range of hosted services. If your business runs a server on premise it would also normally run on a cloud server.